Epoxy Pipe Lining vs. Repiping: Everything You Should Know

Plumbing problems can easily cause a total disruption to your everyday life as your plumbing is one of the most necessary functions of your home or building. When your plumbing needs to be updated, there are multiple installation solutions. However when you first notice that there is a problem, it can be difficult to know which solution is right for you.

Epoxy Pipe Lining For Worn Out Pipes

At Ted and Bros, we are a full service plumbing business that helps people everyday understand their plumbing situation. We offer both epoxy pipe lining and repiping services.

In this article, we compare the two services to keep you informed and help you decide which is the right plumbing solution for you.

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Plumbing

No matter which method you decide on, you’ve most likely come to this article because you are experiencing issues with your plumbing. 

Any of the signs below are major indicators that there is something wrong with your pipes: 

  • Leaking
  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Root intrusion
  • Smelly water
  • Discolored water
  • Gas odors
  • Clogging issues
  • Pipes have been hydro jetted and problem is not fixed

If you are experiencing any of the following, we strongly recommend you contact a qualified plumbing service.

What Is Epoxy Pipe Lining?

Epoxy pipe lining, or trenchless pipe lining, is the process of putting a new pipe inside of your old piping system. By not removing the old pipes first, you save on time and money with this minimally invasive piping solution that does not require digging up your property.

epoxy pipe lining

Why Choose Epoxy Pipe Lining?

  • More affordable
  • Faster installation
  • Less invasive

Epoxy pipe lining has become the latest popular pipe repair solution as it is the more affordable solution with less mess and construction time compared to repiping. While epoxy pipelining can be completed in a matter of days or even hours, a traditional pipe replacement may take weeks.

What Is Repiping?

Repiping is the process of removing your old pipes and installing new pipes. In most cases, repiping is not a customer’s first choice as it’s a much more involved and expensive process. However, sometimes it may be the only choice as your pipes may not qualify for pipe lining.

Repiping can be done on your potable water, drain, waste, vent, and gas systems and is typically done on pipes that are over 30 years old. Pipes that are this age are generally made from galvanized metals that are subject to corrosion overtime which can lead to blockages and create a health hazard by contaminating water.

re piping

Why Choose Repiping?

  • New system
  • Better water pressure
  • Increase home resale value

While it’s the more expensive solution, there are advantages to repiping. You are starting with a brand new piping system and won’t have to worry about any leaking. You also may experience better water pressure as there isn’t any buildup in the pipes. Lastly, having new pipes will increase your home’s resale value and provide a better return on investment if you plan on moving in the future.

When You Should Choose Epoxy Pipe Lining

  • Looking to save money
  • Faster installation
  • Pipes meet the requirements

Epoxy pipelining is preferred by customers as it costs a fraction of the price of repiping. It also is completed in a much shorter period of time and causes much less disruption to your home or workplace. Unlike with repiping, you can remain in your home and do not have to relocate while the pipe lining is being done.

However, you can only choose pipe lining if your pipes pass the evaluation which is done through a sewer camera inspection. Below are the pipe condition requirements that your plumbing service provider will be looking for.

Pipe Requirements For Epoxy Pipe Lining:

  • Greater than 2” in diameter
  • Not extremely fragile
  • Not made from galvanized metal
  • Piping is not collapsed or back-pitched

When You Should Choose Repiping

  • Pipes are more than 30 years old and made of metal
  • Pipes are less than 2” in diameter
  • Condition of pipes is too fragile for pipe lining 

As we mentioned earlier, repiping is not usually someone’s first choice. However, some pipes are in too poor condition for epoxy pipelining to be effective so repiping is the only choice. However, you do end up with a completely new piping system so there will be greater value in the long term.

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We understand plumbing issues can make for a stressful situation and deciding between repiping and pipe lining is not always an easy decision. Ted & Bros Plumbing will conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s pipes that will determine which services are the best fit for you.

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