Showers & Tubs: Installation, Replacement & Repairs

Your restroom can be the most relaxing spot in your home that allows you to have a few minutes to yourself.

After a long day you can take a nice hot bath or if you’re in a hurry a shower will suffice.

Sometimes you may not be enjoying your restroom because you’re experiencing malfunctioning components to your tub or shower.

Do not stress, we are here to help!

Shower & Tub Installation & Replacement

Are you considering remodeling your restroom? Ted & Bros Plumbing is prepared to install a new tub or shower and haul your old one away.

Perhaps your tub and shower could be in good shape overall but suffers from a leaky shower head or bad water pressure. Call us for an instant quote or to schedule an appointment.

Parts of your shower or tub that could be damaged:

  • P-Trap
  • Shower Valve
  • Shower Head
  • Hand-Held Sprayer
  • Shower cartridge
  • Tub Spout
  • Tub Filler Valve

Ted & Bros Plumbing will provide clean quality work with and have professional work value.

About Ted & Bros. Plumbing, Inc.

Ted & Bros Plumbing technicians will provide a professional diagnostics and will provide the best option suited for your home. They will explain the process, services included, and cost. We will solve any problems you have been experiencing in your home.