Leak Detection Service

Water leaks in your home can be hard to find sometimes. Leaks come in all sizes and are located in different parts of your home. The hidden leaks are the ones that can cause a lot of damage and can be a financial burden.

Hidden leaks are usually located behind a wall or underneath the slab. The slab is the concrete base of your home. The standard slab to a house is from 4 to 6 inches.

Our Leak Detection Specialists are experts in locating leaks underneath the slab or other hidden areas. Our specialists are backed up by years of experience, comprehensive training, and education. Our modern technology allows our Leak Detection Specialist to locate the leak quickly and accurately to make the repair as non-invasive as possible.

Leak Detection

Signs You May Have a Leak

As a homeowner, you already know how your house functions. However, some areas that need repair may not be that obvious. Here are some signs you may have a leak:

  • Running Water – you know you’re not running any water but it sounds like it
  • Mold – is there any appearance of mold on the walls or floors?
  • Increase of water bill – you have an idea of your average monthly bill, but lately it’s been much higher
  • Floor lifting or it will feel hot – sometimes your floors will lift or crack and they even feel warm/hot
  • Water meter – is your meter running when you’re not using any water?

If you are experiencing any of the above, please do not wait and call us at 714-290-0080.
Do not neglect any leaks, it is unsafe for you, your family, and the integrity of your home.