Why does my drain get clogged often?

Clogged Drains

There are many factors as to why your drain or drains get clogged. The first and most important factor is the age of your property’s plumbing and the second most important factor is the pipe’s maintenance history.

When you are at home and you’re just going about your business, the last thing you consider is the health of your plumbing system. You just want to finish with the dishes, put a load of clothes to wash, and maybe catch an episode of your favorite Netflix show. However, all those steps before completing your chores are key to the future of your plumbing health. Let me explain, as you gather up all the dirty dishes, whether you wash them by hand or put them in the dishwasher, you go through an elimination process of food items or liquids left behind on the plates. Do you throw that leftover pizza in the trash or do you rely on your garbage disposal to do its job and make it disappear as you continue to wash your dishes? Also, when you are putting your clothes to wash, are there any oils or grease on your clothes? All these steps seem unimportant but they are crucial to the wellbeing of your home’s plumbing system.

Apart from the minuscule details mentioned above, the property’s number of years is one of the characteristics that should be paid attention to. When purchasing a home, the homeowner gets informed about the property’s history on its roof, plumbing, and air conditioner. The real question is how long has that building been standing for and how old is the plumbing? Has this property ever been re-piped? So many questions must be answered to truly understand and make sure your property is in tip-top condition.

When the plumbing is neglected, plumbing repairs can come with a high price tag. Some homeowners try their best with DIY’s but that doesn’t always solve the problem because they don’t have the proper equipment to solve the problem. Proper maintenance is the best answer. If you see that your drains are slow to drain, don’t use any home improvements liquids or ignore it. The next move should be to call your local plumber and have them diagnose the problem.
Maintaining your plumbing will save you money in the long run by investing in the proper care in the first place.

Evidently, plumbing is the cardiovascular system of your home. It is important to take care of it or else there will be blockage and it will fail.