Root intrusion is one of the most serious types of damage that a sewer drainage system can face. Tree roots are strong and grow powerfully, often destroying structures all around them. In the case of tree root intrusion in sewer lines, the root typically penetrates a small hole in the pipe. Beginning slowly and then gaining speed, this tree root will eventually travel great distances underneath commercial and residential structure under the slab of property. This growth greatly threatens the sewer system’s ability to function properly.

More often than not, when the tree root penetrates the pipe line there is a hole, crack, or some type of separation within its structure. Now, the sewer system is not able to work the way it was constructed to as the roots are compromising the overall flow. The biggest threat, however, is the result of the root intrusion: moisture. Once moisture begins to leak into the piping system even more roots are attracted to this region. These tree roots seek the water that is released from the pipe and are drawn to the area, causing even more destruction and damage.