Drain Cleaning 101: Hydro Jetting vs Power Rodding (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Clogged drains are a common residential plumbing problem yet that doesn’t make them any less of a headache. When minor slow drainage issues are ignored, they can ultimately lead to bigger blockage problems including flooding, corrosion, and even sewage backup.

Avoid costly repairs by handling the problem as soon as you notice signs of drainage issues. At Ted and Bros, we are a full service, family owned plumbing business that works with homeowners everyday helping to resolve their plumbing problems. When it comes to drain cleaning services, we offer both hydro jetting and power rodding. 

Having a drain cleaning service done in a timely manner can save you from the issue escalating into the need for sewer drain repairs

In this article, we breakdown the pros and cons of hydro jetting and power rodding to help you decide which is the right drain cleaning method for you.

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What Are The Warning Signs That Drains Need To Be Cleaned?

There are many factors that contribute to drains getting clogged often, from the age of the plumbing system to build up resulting from improper usage (flushing feminine hygiene products, not cleaning food off plates before washing them etc.) While there are some DIY ways you can try to unclog your drain, such as making a drain cleaner using vinegar, they are not always effective and are ultimately only temporary solutions.

When you start to notice any of the below signs of a blocked drain, it is time to have a professional drain cleaning service:

  • Gurgling from toilet, sink, or garbage disposal
  • Backup in shower after toilet flushes
  • Standing water in shower, tub, bathroom or kitchen sink
  • Overflow when the washing machine drains
  • Flooding
  • Foul odor from pipes

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning procedure that involves removing pipe blockages using high intensity water pressure. Similar to pressure washing, the blasts of water have enough force to loosen and dissolve any debris build up in the pipes.

Hydro Jetting Advantages

  • Simultaneously clean and unclog
  • Longer lasting

Hydro Jetting Simultaneously Cleans and Unclogs Pipes

Hydro jetting not only removes blockages in pipes, but it also gives them a deep clean. This service is more effective at getting rid of years of buildup, soap, hair, and even small tree roots compared to other methods.

Hydro Jetting Is The Longer Lasting Drain Cleaning Solution

Since hydro jetting gives your pipes a deeper clean, the results will last longer compared to other drain cleaning methods. This means your plumbing system should be blockage free for a longer period of time before another drain cleaning is needed compared to power rodding.

Hydro Jetting Disadvantages

  • More expensive drain cleaning service
  • Not suitable for older piping systems

Hydro Jetting Is The More Expensive Drain Cleaning Service

While hydro jetting is more effective, it is also more expensive. It does last longer which gives you greater long term value, however it may not be the right solution if you are looking for the most economical fix. It has a greater out of pocket cost compared to other drain cleaning methods like power rodding.

Hydro Jetting Is Not Suitable For Older Piping Systems

The force from hydro jetting is too powerful for old and weak plumbing systems to handle and can result in even bigger issues. A professional plumber will inspect the pipes with a CCTV video inspection first to make sure they are a good candidate for hydro jetting

What Is Power Rodding?

Power rodding, as known as sewer rodding, is a drain cleaning service that unclogs pipes using metal cables that spin to grind up smaller debris that is obstructing the pipes. As it grinds up the obstructions, it also pushes them through the pipes so they are once again clear.

Power Rodding Advantages

  • More affordable drain cleaning solution
  • Extends the life of your pipes

Power Rodding Is The More Affordable Drain Cleaning Solution

If budget is your top priority, power rodding will get your plumbing system back in good working condition for less money than hydro jetting.

Power Rodding Extends The Life Of Your Pipes

Power rodding, just like any form of drain cleaning, will extend the life of your pipes by getting rid of blockages and eliminating the possibility of buildup damage. 

Power Rodding Disadvantages

  • Less efficient at cleaning pipes
  • Needs to be done more often than hydro jetting

Power Rodding Is Less Efficient At Cleaning Pipes

  • Less efficient at cleaning pipes
  • Needs to be done more often than hydro jetting

Power Rodding Needs To Be Done More Often Than Hydro Jetting

Since power rodding does not get your pipes clean like hydro jetting, drainage issues are likely to appear again sooner than if your pipes have hydro jetting.

Choosing The Right Drain Cleaning Method

Clean and unobstructed pipes are vital to the function of your plumbing system. As soon as you notice any drainage issues that cannot be resolved with DIY methods, it’s time to call a licensed plumber to do a professional drain cleaning.

At Ted & Bros Plumbing, we have over ten years experience and the right tools to quickly resolve your plumbing issues and bring comfort and convenience back to your home.

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